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This Holiday Season

Though I change and grow older from year to year, the Christmas season never seems to age. For me, and my family this time of year passes much the same way as it did when I was younger. Christmas is tradition for us, one that I embrace. The whole family returns to the house we [...]

Great Success Tip: Don’t Do What The Pizza Man Did

by: Daniel St-Jean I’ve got some bad news for you; you won’t get the opportunity to read this incredible book entitled The Stevedore in the White Fedora. This novel, filled to the brim with stirring passages, was going to captivate your imagination and take you on a breathtaking adventure to some of the most infamous [...]

Our Own Little Castles

Some years ago I was fishing for trout on a large lake. Normally a steady wind blew across the water, ruffling the water like Ruffle potato chips, but this time the water was as calm as the milk in cereal bowl, so much so that the trees reflected in the water at the edge of [...]


My sister, only two years older than me, is expecting her first child in two months. It is kind of a big thing in our family, the first of my parents’ children to be having children. Some of our cousins have jumped off that ledge already and any time the family gathers together, their children [...]

Featured Authors

Featured Authors – Every so often I come across a book that I read and enjoy so much I wish I had a hundred copies I could pass out to all of my friends. This is the next best thing. If you have read every book on your shelf and are looking for a book [...]

Battling Time

As a little boy, the days leading up to Christmas took forever. It didn’t help that everyone started preparing so early. Just after Thanksgiving, neighbors started putting up blue and red and green lights along their roofs, wrapping the trees in their lawns with yellow and white. On TV I saw ads for Christmas shopping [...]

“I Feel I Know You!” 5 Ways To Create Intimacy with Your Audience

By Dr. Gary S. Goodman If there’s one benefit from writing best-selling books it is hearing from your readers. If you have left little bread crumbs along the path, they’ll write and call you and let you know what they thought of your efforts. I’ve been lucky to have had hundreds, if not thousands of [...]

Created Beautiful

I had a lot of questions, a lot of comments about my “Something Sexy, Something Beautiful” article a few weeks back. People didn’t understand it. Some didn’t want to believe it, or couldn’t. They heard the words, but they felt like only words. “Seth, I read it and it made sense to me, but it [...]

Leaving a Mark, Part V

Some men are born hermits. They don’t mind spending the rest of their lives in a solitary existence. I am not that kind of man. Yet, in Japan I was by default. Not in the sense that I was out in a shack in the middle of forest all by my lonesome, but in my [...]

Bermuda Triangle Is Nothing But A Myth

By Lindsey Williams In real life there is often a thin line between tragedy and mystery. Such are the circumstances surrounding the fate of Flight 19 recalled by the recent recovery of a World War II Navy torpedo bomber from the sea bottom near Key West. Treasure salvor Mel Fisher and his crew found the [...]