By Michael Bowen

Face life squarely: Face your problems with the highest light you have, knowing that through solving them you will grow both in wisdom and depth of being. This is called Courage.

Dedicate yourself to a good purpose: Find your path of service, of joy, of commitment, and hold fast – never lose sight of the dream. This is called Commitment.

Live in accordance with your beliefs and highest values: Try to never knowingly do wrong. If you believe something, live accordingly, otherwise your beliefs and your life will lose the preciousness of meaning. This is Integrity.

Enjoy the little things in life: Simplify where you can, by ridding yourself of the nonessential. And with the simplest act, be conscious of the miracle present. In drinking a glass of water, really taste the water as it goes down, feel its smoothness, its refreshing coolness – enjoy the moment, it too is a miracle. In this is both Wisdom and Joy.

Relinquish worry over what you cannot change or control: In reality we can only change or control ourselves, and by our example others may change and the world also. Let go of worrying over what you have no control over, focus instead on being the most loving presence you can be whatever the situation. Herein lies Peace.

Practice these five secrets of life and you will find a life of courage, commitment, high value, enjoyment and true peace.

© Michael Bowen. Michael holds a Masters Degree in Cultural Anthropology. He is best known for his inspirational writing and speaking on topics ranging from cultural diversity to the unity of humankind. He is currently a business consultant, author and speaker. He can be reached at

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