I love a good movie as much as the next guy, if not more. But I have never idolized the movie stars in them.

Sure, I would love to date a really hot star – who wouldn’t? Well, maybe someone with a sane mind, but that’s not most of us. When it comes down to a beautiful face and a little fame, we are all probably interested. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, how often does the ordinary person get that chance? I could probably count the number of times on my fingers.

Watch the stars walk down the red carpet, or read the latest tabloid in the grocery store, watch any of the entertainment shows and you never hear any good tidbits about how Tom Cruise took Melissa Ball to the latest hip club, or how Angelina Jolie was smooching with Seth Crossman outside the local Starbucks. Instead, we hear about how Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were seen at the beach. We hear how Michael Douglas was seen buying a bucket of roses for Catherine Zeta Jones. We read about how Jessica and Nick have finally called it quits.

Why do famous people always date, marry, and then divorce other famous people? Where is the ordinary guy?

If I was a new movie star, just having hit big at the box office, and Jessica Alba called me up and asked if I wanted to go to a new club on the strip, I would be pretty excited. I would hope that she would find me interesting, interesting enough to date and maybe marry. It would do wonders for my fame. It would be pretty cool too, to have her clinging to my arm. And she seems like a great woman. Would it last? Would we stay married for 50 years? Would I care?

I would like to think so. But both being famous, we would probably be pretty busy. We wouldn’t get to see each other very much. I would be in New York while she was in Los Angelos. If I was in another movie, with say Natalie Portman, and there were some romantic scenes, and I had to get into the part – I mean really get into the part – I might forget that I was married for a moment. I might try imagining that I was in love with Natalie. Who knows what might happen when I come out of character. Would I still be dedicated to Jessica? We would also be two stars, with our own agendas and dreams. Who would compromise in our relationship? We can see where problems arise and I only scratched the surface.

Let me ask a different set of questions. If I wasn’t famous, happened to see Jessica in a restaurant somewhere and approached her, not knowing who she was, only wishing to talk to the beautiful woman sipping the same kind of coffee, would she notice me and consider me? I would like to think so.

That would be a love story worth writing about. I hesitate to say that, since most love stories are worth writing about if there is real love and a little pain or humor involved in getting that love. But why do we seem so much more interested in the love lives of famous people?

Do we feel that much closer to them? Do we feel like we are a star ourselves, to know the intimate details of one so famous? Is there a mysterious aura about them, that if we learn all we can about them, we might learn the secret to becoming a star?

I can’t help but believe that stars are ordinary people too. Maybe we need to be reminded of it. Maybe they do too. And maybe the ordinary guy is the key.

© Seth Crossman