by Kathy Gates

We hear a lot about performance, and efficiency, and control. What if, instead, I said I would like you to take this opportunity to think about how many things in your daily life that you do “just for the joy of it”?

What I’m talking about here is value-based happiness (as opposed to temporary happiness).

Value-based happiness refers to the general feeling of well being that you experience when you are doing what you perceive to be meaningful –when it’s something that’s important to you.

When you love what you do, you naturally become more efficient. When you do things for the joy of it, you’ll rise above problems, and move easier through life.

Value-based happiness is a by product from living a life focused on the joy. It is the by product of doing things not for what you get in return, not because you “should” or “have-to”, but because you want to, because they are a part of your highest goals, and what you value.

Value-based happiness comes from looking at things with your heart, not just your eyes.

You create value-based happiness by focusing on the joys of life, instead of constantly looking for the next new thing that might make you feel better about yourself, about your life.

Throw out your ideas about control, effectiveness, and goals. (Yes, they are important, but let’s just try something different, ok?)

1. Focus On Learning: Instead of making a goal to achieve more in your job, decide instead to read and learn how to do one new thing each week.

2. Focus on Time: Schedule your time to include what’s important to you, like reading time, or exercise time, or family time, or learning time.

3. Focus on the Why: Instead of just forcing yourself to mop the kitchen floor, tap into the higher goal that mopping the kitchen floor supports (having a clean and healthy home).

How does that feel? Not bad, huh! If you focus on the pleasure that a desire gives you, you’ll find it easier to put in the work that it takes. (One author gives the example of giving blood – while the experience itself may be less than pleasant, the joy comes in knowing *why* you’re doing it).

And I absolutely guarantee that you will achieve more, maintain your efforts, and have a much better journey along the way.

Instead of focusing on the effort, focus on the joy. Focus on the people and things that are most important to you. Focus on the pleasure you get out of moving towards your goals. Focus on the process of creating something, not what results you expect.

Invest in yourself more than you ever thought was allowed. Not only will you reap rewards, but those around you will benefit more than you ever believed.

Kathy Gates is a Professional Life Coach in Scottsdale Arizona. If you’re ready for something happier in your life, my “Crash Course To Happiness” Coaching Program is an excellent start for you. I’ll coach you via email or telephone, your choice. Take a look at

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