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History of Dragons

By Corey Tsang The history of China is filled with Dragons, as is its legends and traditions. In fact, the Dragon had helped shape the entire nation, even before the unification of northern China under Qin Shih Huang Ti – literally “First Exalted Emperor of the Qin” – in 221 B.C. Dragons in China were [...]

Should I Breastfeed or Use Formula?

By Kathleen Frassrand The decision of how to feed your baby is a very personal one. The benefits of breast-feeding are numerous and significant, but many women still choose not to for reasons all their own. Before you decide how to feed you child, take a few moments to study up on breastfeeding, then armed [...]

Sushi, Art, and Perception

As a kid growing up, I hated spinach. No matter how many Popeye cartoons I watched, I still couldn’t stomach it. In part I think it was because I was supposed to hate spinach like all youngsters, rather than a real loathing of the leafy green. It wasn’t until I started loving salads as a [...]

The Things We Do

A good friend of mine recently said, “I hate doing this. I feel like a rat. And I’m barely keeping pace.” He was talking about his life, using the common metaphor, but it got me to thinking about the things we do. Few of us are lucky enough to do the things we want to [...]