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Something Sexy, Something Beautiful

I envy Kurt. He’s got something few men have. He’s got this eye for beauty. And then he’s got the ability to draw or paint what he sees, exactly what he sees. I went for coffee with Kurt at a Starbucks. He brought his pencil and some paper. I brought a keyboard and my pda. [...]

Born on a Rainy Day

I must have been born on a rainy day. And I’ve been stubborn about it ever since. Some people wake up on rainy days and decide it might be better to go back to sleep. They see rain as an excuse to stay in the house and watch a movie or read a book or [...]

Passionate Writing: You Can Sell Your Passion

By Carla Vaughan If you want to be an effective writer, you will find it easiest to focus your writing on topics about which you are either knowledgeable or passionate. Passion sells. Passionate writing doesn’t mean you have to write about romance or sex. What it does mean is that you have to write from [...]

A Good Lobster

On the northeastern coast – those thickly wooded and rocky coasts that are home to bears and moose and lonely white lighthouses – the water crashes on rough, black rocks with great intensity. It is a coast full of bays and small little towns that are a mix of fisherman and tourists and seagulls. It [...]