By Carla Vaughan

If you want to be an effective writer, you will find it easiest to focus your writing on topics about which you are either knowledgeable or passionate. Passion sells.

Passionate writing doesn’t mean you have to write about romance or sex. What it does mean is that you have to write from your heart. You have to write about a topic that makes your heart pump a bit more wildly or that you get animated about when you discuss it.

When you write about a subject that creates this kind of excitement, you connect with your readers. They will love your writing. They will not be able to stop reading, in fact. If you do simple research on a topic or have a basic understanding of it, you will not be able to stimulate your readers or lead them with anticipation to the next paragraph.

Passionate writing engages the reader from the first word and leads them through your piece in a way that entrances and exhilarates them. Once you establish your voice, your readers will come to know your writing style and they will seek you out. You must be consistent, though, in producing content that is pleasurable to read.

There is no limit to what you can accomplish if you are able to establish a bond with your readers. Find out where your passions lie and share them with others. Write as though it is a journey with your readers. Let them feel what you feel and see what you see. Be vibrant in your language and delight the senses with your creative use of language.

Focus on your subject matter in a way that other writers do not. Allow your enjoyment of the craft of writing to slip through your words and onto the page. It is such joy to write, yes?

You can be a more effective writer – and share your passion with others. Passionate writing really does sell.

Author: Carla Vaughan

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