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The Quest for a Wife, Part I

Japan is a story that almost never happened for me. My senior year of college was going by quickly. I had the credits I needed to graduate, and my attention was more focused on acquiring the one thing many young people go to Christian colleges to find: the perfect someone that one later says they [...]

Shaking Off Our Old Skins, Part II

A first impression is like a first kiss. It lingers long after the relationship has changed. I stepped off the plane in Ube, Japan, wearing a suit even though it was ninety plus with terrible humidity. The air was thick with water and the squat mountains in the distance appeared as though through a cloudy [...]

The Joy of Air Travel

When I talk to people about flying, I find that most people love it or they hate it. The response is immediate. I see a child-like smile crack at the corners of their mouth when they love it. If they hate it, their face grimaces, brows furrowing, eyes narrowing. I have never really loved air [...]

The Sea Has Not Claimed Me

by: Pierette Domenica Simpson Surviving the Andrea Doria—Stockholm collision on the Atlantic Ocean on July 25, 1956, has not crippled me with thalassophobia, or fear of the sea. In fact, I respect its supremacy and I am humbled by its vastness. Perhaps it was my young age that protected me from wallowing in fear during [...]