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Leaving a Mark, Part V

Some men are born hermits. They don’t mind spending the rest of their lives in a solitary existence. I am not that kind of man. Yet, in Japan I was by default. Not in the sense that I was out in a shack in the middle of forest all by my lonesome, but in my [...]

Bermuda Triangle Is Nothing But A Myth

By Lindsey Williams In real life there is often a thin line between tragedy and mystery. Such are the circumstances surrounding the fate of Flight 19 recalled by the recent recovery of a World War II Navy torpedo bomber from the sea bottom near Key West. Treasure salvor Mel Fisher and his crew found the [...]

Day One of the Teaching Experiment, Part IV

My first day of teaching broke early and hot, but I was already up. It is a habit with me, to wake before my alarm, the morning of momentous events. My wife, you couldn’t get out of bed. She literally slept through a break-in, one day, and took several minutes to wake up to the [...]

Lessons Learned

When life frustrates me with a problem I cannot solve, I often turn to tidying up. I am not a tidy person by nature. I sometimes leave clothes lying around in folded piles. I stack books in haphazard piles on the floor near my bed rather than on my book shelves. Unopened mail accumulates on [...]

Yellow Suspenders and Big Feet, Part III

For much of my life I have always stood out, but not necessarily for the best of reasons. In my little league picture I stood out. Our team name was Golden Fish. It’s not a bad name, but it’s not exactly the Pirates or the Rangers. Those are cool names. The Pirates wear black and [...]