Though I change and grow older from year to year, the Christmas season never seems to age. For me, and my family this time of year passes much the same way as it did when I was younger. Christmas is tradition for us, one that I embrace.

The whole family returns to the house we grew up in, and from year to year there are new additions besides my sisters and I as the family grows. For some, it is a longer trip than others, and the methods vary, but everyone returns in high spirits, the cars parked in the grass and under low hanging pines, the presents brought inside in boxes and stuffed beneath the tree. We fall to talking and laughing and smiling. It is not only the season that fills our spirits, it is also the comfort of this tradition, of remembering the past joys and knowing they will come again when days dwindle to Christmas.

The house is decorated by my mother and father and the tree, or three in the case of this year, is twinkling with lights, and the rooms are filled with the scent of cinnamon and the lingering smell of baked cookies. It is a good smell, one that triggers fond memories and also brings on a pleasant hunger.

On Christmas Eve everyone heads off to church where we remember why we are so happy in this season and what we live for. We light candles with our neighbors and imagine back two thousand years ago to what the night was like and what it must have been like to witness the birth of the Jesus.

After church, we come home and have a dinner that has become special for us. We have steamed crab legs, beef fondue and salad. This meal is almost as important for us as Christmas dinner, not for any particular reason other than that we have always looked forward to it every Christmas Eve.

Yes, Christmas is a time for traditions. In those traditions, there is a sense of comfort and belonging, of knowing that joining with loved ones in those cherished traditions will bring a sense of peace and contentment.

It is my wish that your holiday season is spent participating in a fond tradition, one that brings back all the good memories and joyous feelings of a satisfied heart.

Wishing you the best this Christmas and New Year,
The staff of the Opinion Guy