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Day One of the Teaching Experiment, Part IV

My first day of teaching broke early and hot, but I was already up. It is a habit with me, to wake before my alarm, the morning of momentous events. My wife, you couldn’t get out of bed. She literally slept through a break-in, one day, and took several minutes to wake up to the [...]

Lessons Learned

When life frustrates me with a problem I cannot solve, I often turn to tidying up. I am not a tidy person by nature. I sometimes leave clothes lying around in folded piles. I stack books in haphazard piles on the floor near my bed rather than on my book shelves. Unopened mail accumulates on [...]

Yellow Suspenders and Big Feet, Part III

For much of my life I have always stood out, but not necessarily for the best of reasons. In my little league picture I stood out. Our team name was Golden Fish. It’s not a bad name, but it’s not exactly the Pirates or the Rangers. Those are cool names. The Pirates wear black and [...]

The Quest for a Wife, Part I

Japan is a story that almost never happened for me. My senior year of college was going by quickly. I had the credits I needed to graduate, and my attention was more focused on acquiring the one thing many young people go to Christian colleges to find: the perfect someone that one later says they [...]

Shaking Off Our Old Skins, Part II

A first impression is like a first kiss. It lingers long after the relationship has changed. I stepped off the plane in Ube, Japan, wearing a suit even though it was ninety plus with terrible humidity. The air was thick with water and the squat mountains in the distance appeared as though through a cloudy [...]

The Joy of Air Travel

When I talk to people about flying, I find that most people love it or they hate it. The response is immediate. I see a child-like smile crack at the corners of their mouth when they love it. If they hate it, their face grimaces, brows furrowing, eyes narrowing. I have never really loved air [...]

The Sea Has Not Claimed Me

by: Pierette Domenica Simpson Surviving the Andrea Doria—Stockholm collision on the Atlantic Ocean on July 25, 1956, has not crippled me with thalassophobia, or fear of the sea. In fact, I respect its supremacy and I am humbled by its vastness. Perhaps it was my young age that protected me from wallowing in fear during [...]

Something Sexy, Something Beautiful

I envy Kurt. He’s got something few men have. He’s got this eye for beauty. And then he’s got the ability to draw or paint what he sees, exactly what he sees. I went for coffee with Kurt at a Starbucks. He brought his pencil and some paper. I brought a keyboard and my pda. [...]

Born on a Rainy Day

I must have been born on a rainy day. And I’ve been stubborn about it ever since. Some people wake up on rainy days and decide it might be better to go back to sleep. They see rain as an excuse to stay in the house and watch a movie or read a book or [...]

Passionate Writing: You Can Sell Your Passion

By Carla Vaughan If you want to be an effective writer, you will find it easiest to focus your writing on topics about which you are either knowledgeable or passionate. Passion sells. Passionate writing doesn’t mean you have to write about romance or sex. What it does mean is that you have to write from [...]