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Civilization and Laziness

Egypt was the wonder of the ancients. They advanced, built pyramids, penned hieroglyphics, and performed medical wonders. But they got lazy, their slaves left, and Egypt declined. Rome was glorious. It was built upon the blood of great men. At the height of their civilized glory, Rome got complacent and lazy. They ate themselves from [...]

Growing Old

Growing old can be a terrible thing. I hate watching people around me grow old. I like to remember them as they were when I was younger, and they were younger. When I was a wee tot, my father was Superman. He could heft a couch with one hand while he cut down a tree [...]

You are always saying no to something.

by Bobbi Kahler I used to be one of those people who could never say “no” to anyone. Then one day it occurred to me that I was making choices. Every time I said “yes” out of obligation, I was saying “no” to something else; and, often, what I was saying “no” to was more [...]

The Art of Cherry Blossom Viewing

I received two emails from old friends in Japan recently. They wrote to tell me of the cherry blossoms, a Japanese season -yes, the cherry blossom season – and how beautiful they were. The truth is, from personal experience, the cherry blossoms are always beautiful. One friend wrote: “The cherry blossoms have fallen in last [...]

Fishing and Life: 8 Similarities

You can’t catch anything unless you get your line in the water. In life, you will accomplish nothing, unless you get out there and try to do something. Yes, you may come home from a long day of fishing with nothing to show, but on other days your pail will be full and your smile [...]

How to Captivate a Man

by: Terry Hernon MacDonald You’ve gone on one or two dates with a guy, and you’re crazy about him. Now how do you keep him interested? How do you keep him coming back for more? It’s easier than it sounds. You don’t have to be able to speak a foreign language, live in a loft [...]

Spoken Power

I have heard of a Japanese man who talks to water. He talks to all sorts of water. Distilled water, spring water, polluted water drawn from some of the rivers that run through Japan’s industrial areas. And the water responds. It doesn’t talk back to him. It is energized and transforms. It changes. When water [...]

Mermaids, Fantasies and Art

By Kathy Ostman-Magnusen About ten years ago I decided that when people asked me what I did or who I was, I would confidently reply, “I am an artist”. No matter how I was making a living or if my status was that of a ‘starving artist’ or not, I would announce, “I am an [...]

Where’s the Ordinary Guy?

I love a good movie as much as the next guy, if not more. But I have never idolized the movie stars in them. Sure, I would love to date a really hot star – who wouldn’t? Well, maybe someone with a sane mind, but that’s not most of us. When it comes down to [...]

Five Secrets For A Happy Life

By Michael Bowen Face life squarely: Face your problems with the highest light you have, knowing that through solving them you will grow both in wisdom and depth of being. This is called Courage. Dedicate yourself to a good purpose: Find your path of service, of joy, of commitment, and hold fast – never lose [...]