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Most Mornings

Most mornings I wake to some sound intruding upon a dream I would rather finish. Normally, it is an alarm, sometimes it a car going by – a driver on his or her way to work. This morning I was awakened by a sound like mice crawling behind my head, in the warren of nooks [...]

Ten Love Tips

Love. We all need it, we all want it, and those who say they don’t probably need it the most. But few are finding love, real satisfying love. Are you one of them? Here are ten tips to help you. Number One. Love will not solve your problems. If you have them now, you will [...]

Walking Shoes

I used to try to wear my pop’s shoes. They were always too big and wide, and worn thin in places, but they looked like good shoes, the kind you could walk all day in and your feet would never hurt. I’d slip ‘em on and clump the dog for a walk. I couldn’t run [...]