I have opinions on everything. Except politics. Now that is not really true, I have opinions on politics, but I seldom voice them. I don’t like politics. I don’t think they are worth arguing about most of the time. I believe there is a right way and a wrong way, no real gray areas, to most matters in life. You’re either right, or you’re wrong. And I believe we in America are wrong.

I like the idea of democracy. Everyone does. Everyone likes to believe that their opinions matter and that they have an amount of control over their own life. Democracy gives them that feeling. However, democracy fails more than it succeeds, at least the democracy we have. We choose people who we hope will make the decision we want them to, and sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. However, we are making the assumption that the majority is right, that they choose someone who will make the right decisions and that the world will turn out right. However, more often than not the majority chooses what they want, rather than what is best for them and the country.

A lot of people will look at our founding fathers and the beginning of our nation and think that America has gone seriously wrong since then. Some of them might argue that there was something noble, something sincere, something good about those founding fathers. Others would say they didn’t live in the modern world. It was easier to be men of integrity. It always seemed they made the right decision, they made difficult choices, but they made them wisely and in the interest of the good of those they represented. Most people don’t like to admit why. Our founding fathers owed allegiance to a higher authority.

As a child, I had no trouble trusting my father when he held his arms out and told me to jump. I could trust, without any hesitancy that he would catch me. When I ran into problems with my tree house, or when I had a terrible rash and thought I had leprosy, or when I fell in love with the girl who sat across the room from me in second grade, I knew where to go to find the answers to my questions. It is easy to trust the judgment and authority of someone you know will make the right decisions.

That’s why monarchy can be a perfect system. When a monarch is good, they have the ability to do more for the greater good and quicker than any democracy ever could. When the people trust their monarch and believe in them, they easily and happily follow because they know that the best is in store for them. Men and women of belief hold that God is their monarch and they look to him to guide them, and unlike all other monarchs, he makes no mistakes and his plan is not only perfect, but it will bring us the most joy and blessing.

That’s why the bible says that a man should be the authority in the household. Not because a woman can’t make good decisions. Not because a man is better than a woman. Not so a man can lord it over his wife and children. But because a man who is walking in tune with God, who listens to and wants the will of his Father in heaven to become manifest in his life, will make the right decisions, and blessing will follow. A woman who knows her husband is walking with God can trust that her husband will make the right decisions.

A point to stress here. We are not like God, perfect in mind and choice and action, and sometimes every man needs help to discern God’s will. A wise man listens to his wife, values her opinion and often seeks her counsel, just as a wise king values his councilors. She knows you and your family better than anyone else does and hopefully she is also seeking and listening to the will of God for herself and her family.

Just as a father wants what is best for his children because he loves them, so too does God want what’s best for us because he loves us. If we listen and make it the passion of our hearts to follow his advice, follow his guidance, we will make the right decisions. Our fore fathers believed strongly. They drafted God into their constitution and built the country as “one nation under God,” minted the words “In God We Trust,” on the very coins that passed through their hands everyday. They recognized the monarch of their lives and souls even as they were chosen to lead men. And America flourished. It became the destination of dreamers who wanted better lives. It came to stand for what was good and right.

All because of men who focused and sought the path of the one they trusted above all others and bore fruit because of it.

© Seth Crossman