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The Long Road Home, Part III

Much of my life has been spent trying to talk to God. As a boy I used to sit on my bed and pray with my father. We said the Lord’s prayer from Mathew every night, side by side on my bed. And after that, my father tucked me in and turned off the light [...]

Love Puppy

One pale morning so early that it was still blue outside, that moment when the blackness of night has faded before the moon, and the sun is only a promise yet some time off, I woke up and rested on one elbow. A girl slept quietly beside me, her face half buried in a pillow [...]

The Conquest Principle, Part I

As a little boy I dreamed of being a brave knight. To me, knights were real men. They were solid and strong, encased in shining steel and wielding swords that could wreak havoc upon a man. Nothing could harm them. They were invincible, at least the good ones were. They were noble and chivalric. They [...]

Creative Perfection: 5 Reasons Why We Destroy Our Creativity By Trying To Achieve The Impossible

Whoever you are, whatever your preferred creative field, there’s one guaranteed fail-safe method for causing consistent, damaging and painful frustration in your creative life. One absolutely, so-sure-you-can-bet-your-house-on-it, way of ensuring you wear your creative energy down to nothing, and pretty much completely destroy your current creative motivation, possibly for ever. What is this terrifying monster? [...]