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A Noble Thing

I have never been in battle myself, and yet sometimes, when I am feeling lucky and brave and strong, and probably foolishly, I wish I had. I wish I could have proven myself, saved lives, beaten back a foe who needed beating back, been called a hero when I got home. It’s strange to say [...]

Owning A Bar On A Tropical Island – Is It Really A Dream

By James Spellman In a good year, in excess of four million people visit Phuket in Thailand. A lot of those visitors will love it. Some will love it so much that they want to live here. Every year thousands of people come to Phuket hoping to set up a new life on a tropical [...]

Running On Joe

Four hundred billion cups of coffee are consumed every year. That’s more cups of black brew than alcohol. I am not much of a coffee drinker myself, but everyone around me does. At home the pot is brewing every morning and some nights too. At work, there are pots in most departments, and still, my [...]

A Life of Adventure

I have always gravitated toward adventurous people, lured by a desire, the same way I always watch planes taking off with a bit of envy. Perhaps it is being able to live an adventure by being close to it. When I was young, Indiana Jones was one of my favorite movies and I watched Star [...]