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Are You Running On Automatic?

By Knight Pierce Hirst What a difference a day makes – unless you’re going through life on automatic. Scientists are no help. They say we shouldn’t sleep late even if we have the chance. Supposedly not getting up at the same time every day has a negative effect on our biorhythms. Obviously, those scientists don’t [...]

Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

A man was sitting at the bus stop one day, next to an older woman who looked like she had been sitting there all week. She had a suitcase perched up against her leg, her purse open beside her like an overstuffed brown pillow bursting at the seam with a bundle of white tissues that [...]

Welcome to Mars

Welcome to Mars, my friend. We may be saying that sooner than you think. The European Space Agency just announced its intention to start looking for people willing to go to Mars, at least on a hypothetical trip, since they won’t ever be blasting off from their “spaceship” in Russia. Instead they will spend 520 [...]

A Bag of Noodles

It has been some time since I have traveled abroad. But I haven’t lost the hunger or the desire to continue meeting people that are nothing like me. That’s how I found myself accepting a package of instant noodles in front of forty-five applauding Koreans for showing up to their golf tournament. I pulled up [...]