Mark is a gifted writer with the ability to clearly create character and story, and then mix them in such a way as to provide fun, adventurous fantasy. Aimed at the growing legion of young adults that love fantasy, his first series nonetheless pleases the young and old at heart with equal measure. I suggest at least picking up a copy of one of his books. It won’t disappoint. In his first book, we are introduced to Calvyn, a young man learning the art of being a soldier and a young magician. SC

From the publisher
The art of the Magician has been banned in Thrandor for two hundred years. Magic has degenerated to myth and legend, fit only for the songs of minstrels. So thought Calvyn, a young teenager from a farming village near the borders of the Great Western Forest.
Unbeknown to him, a magical talisman has been recovered and the whole of Thrandor stands blissfully unaware that disaster is poised to strike.

So begins the Darkweaver Legacy …

Dragon Orb: Shadow

Product Description
Dragon’s in Areth each have a single predestined rider and a single life mission, given to them by the Oracle. But this once all-powerful being is now fatally damaged and fading fast…Only the dragons and their riders can save it! Shadow the Night Dragon Pell and his night dragon Shadow must find the dark orb to help save the Oracle, leader of all dragonkind. But Segun, a power-hungry tyrant, stands in their way. Pell must use his flying skills, bravery and resourcefulness to the limit, as Segun is determined to get the orb – even if it means killing the opposition…