There’s a lot to like about Sarah Ash’s The Tears of Artamon series. They are fresh in that they draw from Eastern European and Asian culture in a fantasy setting full of vibrant characters and dialogue that jumps off the page. I finished them much too quickly, a sure sign that I have been swept up in the story. After reading them, I interviewed Sarah and found her to be quite delightful. Pick these books up! SC

From Publishers Weekly
In this excellent start to a new fantasy series from British author Ash (Moths to a Flame), Gavril Andar, an idealistic young artist, falls for the nobly born Astasia Orlova, whose portrait he’s been hired to paint. Luckily, he’s attractive enough for Astasia to return the favor. He doesn’t know he’s also Gavril Nagarian, son of the recently assassinated ruler of the wintry kingdom of Azhkendir, and that fate is about to deal him a dreadful blow. Like his father before him, Gavril becomes soul-bound to the Drakhaoul, a creature that grants awesome power at a terrible price. Kidnapped, Gavril finds himself trapped in Kastel Drakhaon, reluctant to draw on his new magical abilities, as their use only makes him more beast-like and less human. But with Prince Eugene of Tielin threatening to reconquer all of the Rossiyan Empire, he may have no choice. Fascinating and unpredictable, Gavril’s tale gains richness from the grand scope of Ash’s narrative, with its echoes of Russian history under the czars. Enhanced by supporting characters who are living, breathing individuals, this book will leave readers drooling to get their hands on the sequel from the moment they turn its final page.

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