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Shopping For Christmas

Holidays seem to pass very fast. Thanksgiving is gone. Now the shopping season is upon us. If you don’t remember that’s the holiday between Thanksgiving and Christmas that so many retail owners love. I have never really gotten much into the Black Friday buying frenzy like some people. It is a little too much pressure [...]

A Chance At Love

How far would you go for the chance at true love? Would you give up your job, your home, your city? Would you make a fool of yourself? And would it be worth it at the end if he didn’t love you? If he turned and walked away and chose someone else instead? Some women [...]

My Muse is Dead

by Guy Anthony De Marco I’ve been facing an empty page, the character prompt flashing like a tiny rusted pin wielded by a sadistic acupuncture dropout, jabbing my impotent writing ego over and over. There is nothing to write about. Well, nothing horror-related, which means the same thing to me. My haunted laptop taunts me, [...]

The One Word That Will Change Your Life Forever

By Dwayne Gilbert There is one word in the English language that will change your life forever, and after you understand it and use it, your life will never be the same. This one word will allow you to have, do, and be anything and everything your heart desires. In my years of experience listening [...]