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Arthur Golden

Memoirs of a Geisha. Ancient Japan. Its tradition. Its spirit. Its lifestyle. Its people. Have you ever wondered what they were like? This eloquent book acts like a bridge to Japan’s storied past, told through the eyes of a little fishing village girl raised to be one of the most memorable geishas in Japan’s recent [...]

Anne Lamott

Bird by Bird. This is a book for writers, but it also a book for those lovers of life. I was lost in it, loving her humorous and honest way of revealing what she has learned in her life and about writing. No writer should miss it. SC From Publishers Weekly Lamott’s ( Operating Instructions [...]

Stephen R. Lawhead

Taliesin. Journey into a past steeped in lore, legends, and heroes. I believe this is the best in a long line of Arthurian sagas. This book begins the series and is rich in history, imagery, and sympathetic characters. You will be surprised at how Lawhead crafts the beginning of the Arthurian legend. From Library Journal [...]

The Passing of Robert Jordan

Yesterday, the world of Fantasy was shaken as Robert Jordan passed away at the age of fifty-eight. I am greatly saddened by this loss. Not only has one of my favorite authors passed on, but one of my greatest teachers. In the field of Fantasy, everyone knew Robert Jordan. While some did not like his [...]

Lessons Learned 2

It’s been a long time since I met a smelly girl. How do they do that? I know they aren’t born that way, but it seems that they can run three miles and still smell like flowers or fruit. A good book is worth reading twice. And the older you get, the more it seems [...]

What Would Make You Happy? (Part III)

What would make you happy? It’s a good question, worth asking yourself more than once in your lifetime. And there are million good answers. I’ve even encouraged you to change the circumstances of your life the past two articles so that you can be happy more often. And I’ve been somewhat misleading in the process. [...]

Immediate Pleasure, Part II

I love buffets. Not only do I like the wide variety of tastes a buffet offers, I like being able to eat as much of my favorite tastes as I desire. I have always preferred Chinese buffets. I like that style of cooking, the mixing of vegetables and meats and sauces in a blend that [...]

Sitting In a Bad Place, Part 1

Every so often, I find myself in a bad place. I’m not talking about a dark alley with flashing neon lights and a lurking group of terribly muscled motorcyle men with crowbars and gold teeth. I’m talking about a bad place physically, or a bad place emotionally, even a bad place financially. Sometimes I find [...]

A First Passage

By Dave Bello Day One — Our trip starts as we meet in St Thomas. For many, this is a return visit to Island Retreat and we recollect on our last class, the places we visited and things we learned. For others, this is the first voyage with Fair Wind and its time to get [...]

The Rare and Wonderful

I was four when I started getting an allowance. Every Sunday my mother would give me a quarter before we left the drug store (which back then was a drug store, toy store, and grocery store all in one — a precursor to Walmart and Sam’s club). I stood in front of all the candy [...]