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Pink Cadillacs and Horses, Part II

My little niece is almost a year old. Her eyes are like big blue marbles, and are always focused on the thing her hands are reaching for. She garbles out a few syllables, smiles as she touches the stuffed lion, the dog’s ear, the pea hidden under the cabinets, the Christmas ornaments still hanging, the [...]

In the Arms of Tradition, Part 1

It is difficult for me to sit for too long on my knees, but I bite the inside of my lip and bear the cramps already creeping down to my toes. I have always wanted to experience an authentic tea ceremony and I am not about to let a few momentary leg cramps put to [...]

One Heck of a Book

Most days are ordinary. Cycles of repetition. I wake up and repeat many of the same activities as the day before, much as I have for years. I do get a certain enjoyment out of repetition, as I will often repeat the things that I have learned from experience bring me joy and pleasure and [...]

9 Facts About New York You Must Know Before You Go There

By Kit So I had the pleasure recently to go on a holiday trip to New York. And this is what I discovered. Everything about New York is complex. To fully appreciate the magnificent place, you must know a bit about New York. Here are the top nine little-known facts about New York which I [...]