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Lessons Learned 3

Do not keep eating things that do not sit well with you. Makes sense, but I still eat foods that tear me up in some way. No matter how good a deal you think you are getting, the car dealership always wins. Always. Sometimes I think God made sleep so I could have a lot [...]

Olympic Thoughts

I imagine the Olympics are something akin to the elementary school field days I participated in as a youngster between the ages of four and nine. The field days were the most anticipated days of elementary school. I remember the air as I walked through the halls toward the open doors that led out to [...]

Saying Goodbye

The grass was green, the infield slightly pebbly. I had been staring at that field for weeks. I had run onto to it to play first base, but I had never run around the bases. Not even to one. I was eight years old and I was still waiting for my first hit in little [...]