Do not keep eating things that do not sit well with you. Makes sense, but I still eat foods that tear me up in some way.

No matter how good a deal you think you are getting, the car dealership always wins. Always.

Sometimes I think God made sleep so I could have a lot of fresh starts in the morning.

Procrastinators get less sleep and less peace.

I think the government loves pay raises more than we do.

Some people are like kryptonite. I always give in to them, no matter how many times I say I am not going to be a softy again. Either that, or I have a soft heart.

It is good to be around a lot of little kids every once in awhile. It is good being reminded where I came from.

I cannot derive my happiness at work based on those I work with.

Too bad you cannot have a patent on food. The people that came up with pizza and hamburgers missed out on a serious payday.

Pickles you make are so much more fun and satisfying than pickles you buy.

I can spend months, years even, saving my money, and spend it one day.

Just when you get to the good part of a dream, the alarm will ring.

© Seth Crossman