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Sex As It Was Meant to Be, Part II

How is that we can have a prestigious job with great pay that supports our family and even allows the luxuries, but still be bored? How is it that we can sit in a room surrounded by laughter and charming people and still feel uncomfortable? How is it that we can slide into bed with [...]

The Elevator Man and the Forgotten Spirit, Part I

Mike, the elevator man, and I love to talk about hunting, you know how much I adore to get 9mm Semi Automatic Rifle Online. We are both avid hunters and every time he stops into the office to check the elevator systems, we get to talking about the first bow hunt, or the noise this [...]

Colliding Particles

-excerpt from OG’s Speculative Fiction, Issue 14 Beneath the border of France and Switzerland is twenty-seven miles of concrete tunnel. The tunnel is the Large Hadron Collider, man’s most recent attempt to delve into the unknown and possibly destroy the world (yes, I am exaggerating here, but only a bit). Simply, the machine collides beams [...]

Shaking the Piggy Bank

In the past nine months, finances have come to dominate my thinking. I have always been leery of thinking too much about money. Money is seductive for me. The more I get, the more I seem to want. I start thinking of ways to make it or acquire it. I wonder what I can sell, [...]

How NOT to Be Happy – 12 Essential Tips to Ensure Misery

By Lisa M. Smith Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Here’s a clue: An optimist finds an opportunity in every problem; a pessimist finds a problem in every opportunity. If you hate “polyanna’s” and are content to stay in a world filled with black clouds, these tips are just for you. (If you are [...]