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The Market Is Like An Auction

I was ten when I went to my first auction, an actual stone and mortar building that looked like a converted garage. My father and I sat down in brown metal bi-fold chairs with our number and waited to bid. It was an estate auction and the newspaper had mentioned a very large baseball card [...]

Sparks by Ahmed A. Khan

Ahmed A. Khan’s incredible range is apparent in this collection of fifteen stories. Tweet

Cheap Feasts That Taste Good

It is easy to cut back on some expenses. We can cut back on how much alcohol we buy, or the clothes we buy, or our movie club memberships, but it is hard to cut back spending on food. We need food to survive and we like it. At least I do. Hey, we eat [...]

Planned Splurges

Did you know having a plan can save you money? What does a plan do? If you don’t have a plan for your money, it will disappear. And it will disappear to the places you have the least discipline. Most of us think that getting a raise will solve our problems. Unfortunately, whether we get [...]

Life is a Parody

By Norman A. Rubin (When you look into a mirror you do not see your reflection – your reflection sees you. – Japanese proverb) Something weird had happened in my life a few years back. A strange man in his elder years moved into my house. He just entered with bag and baggage without even [...]