As the years pass, I notice how the holidays have begun to line up like a string of Christmas lights.

The holidays have always been festive times for me, bright and happy moments so much different than the rest of life. I remember when all the cousins used to gather at my grandmother’s trailer, a trailer that smelled a bit like cinnamon and a bit like your favorite stuffed animal. The kitchen radiated heat and laughter while us kids sat on the lone couch or leaned up against it and played board games.

I remember having one Christmas in a large hotel in Beijing, China. I looked out of the window at the wide roads and the people riding their bikes in the middle of winter. There were no decorations, no lights, no visible signs of Christmas. But it felt like Christmas. I was doing something special, something I had always dreamed about doing.

I remember Christmas at home too. The tree out on the porch and all the colorfully wrapped presents seeming to spill from under the like seeds from a sack. Outside the snow was beginning to fall, covering the grass with a clean white carpet. Grandma already sat in her chair and the parade was on TV. My sisters toted in plates of food still dressed in their pajamas. I remember the intense excitement that had me hopping all over the place, trying to pull everyone around the Christmas tree.

That’s why I liken the holidays (and not just Christmas) to a string of Christmas lights. They shine bright in our memories, points of reference mixed in with all the other experiences we have forgotten. The holidays come in all shapes and sizes and turn out differently every year just like those old strings of multi-colored lights that are out of fashion now. And ultimately, the string of lights always comes to an end, long before we have finished covering the tree.

We wish the best these holidays, joy and happiness, peace and love, and fond memories to remind you of it for years to come.

The Staff at the Opinion Guy