By Jason M. Ivarson

Want to know how to lose fat by running? Then take a couple of minutes to read this article. There are a few things you can implement right away to sky rocket your weight loss success with running. Here they are, don’t forget to visit their explanation about vitamins is amazing.

1. Bursts

This is what you do. When you run, you are probably going at about 40-60%, correct?

After you have been doing some light running, burst into a hard run (100%) for 15 seconds straight. Feel free to go longer if you feel this is too short. After 15 seconds, slow down to your normal speed. Once you feel you have caught your breath, do another burst.

Do these bursts 5 times on every run. You will burn MASSIVE amounts of extra calories just by adding these short bursts into your usual run.

2. Take the Hard Way

Find somewhere that will require you to be running uphill for most (if not all) of the time. This will get you working harder (thus burning more fat) in the exact same amount of time that you normally set aside to go on runs.

3. Cold Exposure

Once you get home, jump in the shower to clean yourself off. When you are about to finish, turn the water to coldest and rinse under it for 45-60 seconds. This will put your body into the state of thermogenesis in which it begins to burn fat to produce more heat to compensate for the sudden cold. Make sure you do this at the END of your shower.

Rinsing your body with warm water after will completely nullify the desired effects.

A faster metabolism is vital if you are going to succeed. Simple as that.

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