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From Lives of Quiet Desperation, Part IV

I have always wondered about the way people spend their Friday nights. For many of us it is the end of a hard week of working, a weekend of freedom is in sight, and the desire to let loose has taken over. Some like to go really wild. Maybe that means dinner at a restaurant [...]

The Gatorade Mentality, Part III

Ok, if we have been honest, we realize that we might be driven to accumulate things, and that our closets and desks and lives seem cluttered as a result. Or maybe not. Maybe it is just me and your neighbor. So what do we do? I know that I often wish I could start over. [...]

The Dirty Tub Syndrome, Part II

Is your desk clean? You have always tried to defend your messy desk by saying, “I know where everything is!” If that is true, then put those things in an ordered place. The only thing that is keeping you from doing that is… I am the worst. My desk is a horrible mess with stacks [...]

The Noodle Nights, Part 1

I miss my noodle nights. When I arrived in Japan, I was excited about living in the countryside. I thought it would provide me with an authentic Japanese experience. In the sixty or so years since the end of the second world war, much of Japan has modernized, and while that Japan is intriguing, I [...]

Capturing the Presidency

I have never been much of a political mongrel, sniffing after every bit of political gossip, sidling up to those in power to get scraps, or barking up and down the street letting everyone know where I stand. But I can’t keep my nose out of this Presidential race. It is exciting. It started with [...]

Romance and Relationships – 5 Romantic Valentine Date Ideas That You Can Do at Home

By Laurel Barnet Do you know how hard it is to come up with creative ideas for a Valentine date? Are you tired of doing the same thing over and over? A Valentine’s date does not have to be expensive to be special. It just takes a little creativity and planning to create a memorable [...]

Foods of Love for Valentine’s Day

By Lisa Bevan Thinking about changing it up and staying in for a romantic dinner this year with your sweetheart. It is a great alternative to the crowds and it is a chance to showcase your creativity. Building a great menu is as easy as one, two, three. Just use this handy guide to foods [...]

Pink Cadillacs and Horses, Part II

My little niece is almost a year old. Her eyes are like big blue marbles, and are always focused on the thing her hands are reaching for. She garbles out a few syllables, smiles as she touches the stuffed lion, the dog’s ear, the pea hidden under the cabinets, the Christmas ornaments still hanging, the [...]

In the Arms of Tradition, Part 1

It is difficult for me to sit for too long on my knees, but I bite the inside of my lip and bear the cramps already creeping down to my toes. I have always wanted to experience an authentic tea ceremony and I am not about to let a few momentary leg cramps put to [...]

One Heck of a Book

Most days are ordinary. Cycles of repetition. I wake up and repeat many of the same activities as the day before, much as I have for years. I do get a certain enjoyment out of repetition, as I will often repeat the things that I have learned from experience bring me joy and pleasure and [...]