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It’s Our Anniversary

Three years ago we started this little venture called the Opinion Guy. Our ambitions were modest, our expectations meager. We wanted to provide readers with something good to read, a place they could keep coming back because they knew they would find something interesting and something evocative on a regular basis. We wanted to provide [...]

Imagine Your Wife Saying “Octuplets!”

I can just imagine sitting down with my wife at the dinner table. We have been married for five blissful years. We have finally made the house feel like home. We have gotten into a good rhythm with work, our social life, and church. We have put away a bit of money and still have [...]

Five Valentine’s Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a heavily marketed holiday, but I’m still all for a holiday that gives me an excuse to go overboard on the one I love. But I do understand how after years and years, Valentine’s can become stale. “We went to the movies last year and saw that romantic movie she wanted to [...]

Smaller Beer

by Kolby Granville The Director of the Secondary School down the road is standing in my doorway. He is drunk and leans in too close when he speaks. “Kolby come outside, it is an emergency, you must come right now!” I rush into my room to put on long pants. What could possibly be the [...]