ringThree years ago we started this little venture called the Opinion Guy. Our ambitions were modest, our expectations meager. We wanted to provide readers with something good to read, a place they could keep coming back because they knew they would find something interesting and something evocative on a regular basis. We wanted to provide opportunities for writers to get their work in print and get paid for it too. We also had grander hopes: growing the field of speculative fiction, changing lives by sharing our thoughtful opinions, and perhaps getting rich in the process (yes, we were naive).

And now, three years after our first article went in print, we are celebrating. Isn’t that what anniversaries are about? Anniversaries are about celebrating the past. They are about trumpeting all the good times, those lofty mountain tops, and realizing how many bad times were persevered through. Anniversaries are also about setting goals and recommitting.

We are celebrating the growth we have seen in visitors. I think the first day our website was up we received one visitor. Now we have several hundred a day. We had to postpone our first issue three months because we were having trouble receiving submissions. Now we receive several submissions a day.

We have a fantastic archive of intriguing stories, beautiful art, moving poetry. Our articles continue to draw great interest and repeat visitors. We have connected with famous writers and encouraged some future ones.

We have had hard times too. Some issues are not as abundant as others. Some articles added nothing to the site. We have been slow responding to submissions at times and harsh in our criticism when we do. We could do more and we realize that.

So now it’s time to recommit. We are going to continue bringing you the best fiction we can find. We are going to continue to present articles that provoke thought or share experiences. We are going to continue to be a place you want to visit.

But more than this, we are hoping to improve the Opinion Guy experience. We are again looking to improve our pay and very soon hope to be considered a semi-pro publication (1 cent per word – we are already are semi-pro in regards to poetry). We are going to enrich our visual appearance and offer you the opportunity to participate in the building of the website. Just like any good relationship, you are going to be able to tell us what you like and don’t like. You are going to be able to give us your opinions and comments. You are going to have greater control in what we offer and how often we offer it. All of this is going to come very soon. We hope you like the changes.

So on our anniversary, we want to thank you for being a part of what we have accomplished and hope you want to be a part of what we are going to accomplish.