happy_valentines_dayValentine’s Day is a heavily marketed holiday, but I’m still all for a holiday that gives me an excuse to go overboard on the one I love. But I do understand how after years and years, Valentine’s can become stale. “We went to the movies last year and saw that romantic movie she wanted to see. The year before that we went to the best restaurant in town. What this year?”

Here are five simple ideas that might help.

Sundae buffet. Capitalize on the fact that everybody loves ice cream. Buy a couple different flavors of ice cream. Buy nuts and cherries, caramel sauce and hot fudge. Pick up some whip cream and all the great toppings you know she loves. Then just have fun making sundaes with all the toppings. Get wild with the whip cream and have seconds if you want to.

Massages. Not only do massages feel great, but they are healthy too (stimulating blood flow, releasing stress and tension, and resetting organ functions). If a massage is something you don’t normally do, then it can be a great way to show that you care about your love and display a little selflessness. And you don’t have to be a masseuse to give a good massage. Be firm at times and be tender at times. Start with the head (yes, sounds crazy, but will do wonders for the rest of the massage) and work down to the hips. Concentrate on the scalp, the shoulder muscles and the hip muscles. Then work on the hands and give them a chance to really relax. When they are, move to the legs and finish with the feet. Use circular motions and firm pressure that penetrates deep. It will loosen the skin from the muscle beneath, and by turns relax the muscles that grip the nerves. And who knows where it might lead?

Fruit in bed. Take half a musk melon, some strawberries, cherries, an orange, or even a pineapple. The idea here is to use the fruit, its juice, and the sweet taste as erotic tools. Dribble a bit of juice across the stomach and then kiss it off. Cut slices of melon and trail them to someplace sensitive like the valley between the breasts or down to the hipline. Your imagination is the limit.

“Ten things you do that I love” list. This is a double-edged sword. Make up a list of things your loved one does that you absolutely love. Maybe one is the fact your wife does the laundry. Or maybe your husband walks the dog. Or maybe your wife scratches your back just before you fall asleep. Tell them these things in thoughtful ways. A good idea is to make a pile of the things that represent those things that they do. A shirt for doing the laundry. A back scratcher for her scratches. A dog collar for the dog walking. And give them to him/her as you explain how much you love these simple chores and acts. The double-edged sword is that they might do it more often now that they know you love it! It also lets them know, especially unconsciously, that you notice the small things they do that make your life better.

Treasure hunt. A little bit of adventure goes a long way. Make up little hints that you can plant across the house, in her purse, in his underwear drawer, on the bathroom mirror, on her steering wheel, or even a voice message left on his phone directing them to the next hint. Could be something as simple as “the place we always kiss.” Or “I watch you take your shoes off here.” Or “the kitchen lights really make you dazzle when you stand by this kitchen appliance.” The idea is to suggest not only a prize at the end, and an adventure that you are taking them on, but also to hint that you notice them in ways you have never really mentioned or vocalized. It can excite them at the same time it lets them know how beautiful they are, especially to you. Of course, a nice gift certificate at the end of the trail for his favorite hunting shop or a big box of chocolate truffles completes this simple idea.

The idea here is not about what you do, but about how much effort and thought you put into it. Effort and thought show that you care enough about them to want to do something special. That can go a long way. Of course, these simple ideas also let them know that you are still pursing them and are going to have fun doing it.

© Seth Crossman

Image courtesy of arcanabaskets.com