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Popping Our Boss’ or Spouse’s Anger Bubble

What is it inside of us that always wants to be right? What is it inside of us that can’t admit we made a mistake? At some point most of us in our lives have had the experience of looking across the office and seeing our boss coming right toward us, an angry frown on [...]

Lessons Learned 4

I liken this series of articles to the school year and how at the end of the year it is nice to have a great big concert to show off the progress that has been made. With no further ado. You can be bald and the tub drain will still plug up with hair. I [...]

The Madness Begins

I remember being eight years old and loving basketball. I loved it not because I particularly enjoyed the game, but because at eight I couldn’t sit still for any length of time. I lived in snow country, where the snow piles up to the windows and higher during winter. I had to do something with [...]

I’m Not Good At Waiting

Waiting. Just the mention of the word conjures up feelings of frustration. Picture this: It’s Saturday and the kids have tired you out with a soccer game in the morning and in the afternoon shopping for supplies for a school project. But it’s evening now and they are off at a friend’s for the night [...]

The 3 Day Writing Method

By Bobby Owsinski After 6 books (including 3 second editions) and a few hundred magazine articles, I’ve been asked over and over again by friends, business acquaintances, and neophyte writers if I have a formula. After stumbling around without a consistent technique early on like most novice writers, I eventually developed a method of writing [...]