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Home Runs Are A Beautiful Thing

Reggie Jackson once said, “God do I love to hit that little round son-of-a-bitch out of the park and make ‘em say ‘Wow!’” Home runs have the propensity to wow us. Baseball is America‚Äôs sport no matter what football fans try to argue. There are 162 baseball games a year(more games in a season than [...]

Questions To Ask On a First Date

By Avishai Fuksman Conversation starters can literally save your life on a first date. Why? Well, as you know, going on a first date can be very scary and intimidating. Our minds are overcome with fear and insecurities and we cave in to those emotions. We’re scared of being rejected, we’re afraid of failure, we’re [...]

How I Became Twitter-Pated

By J Yahshar I heard about Twitter maybe 5 months ago. It was one of those things where you hear someone mention something but you don’t recall the time or place because it just isn’t that important to you at that moment. Twitter, what’s that?!? It’s some Internet thing where your constantly update people about [...]

Can A Stadium Buy Happiness?

I am breathing a sigh of delight every time I think about it. Baseball season has started. I have been a baseball fan since the first time I dug my sneakers into the dirt around first base so many years ago. I remember the thrill of standing out there, smacking my glove and waiting for [...]