By J Yahshar

I heard about Twitter maybe 5 months ago. It was one of those things where you hear someone mention something but you don’t recall the time or place because it just isn’t that important to you at that moment.

Twitter, what’s that?!? It’s some Internet thing where your constantly update people about what you are doing.

When I first got hold of the concept I couldn’t connect the dots. I said, “that’s not for me.” I looked down on that hopelessly addicted group of text messaging slaves. With their heads hung low, gazing into the soft blue glow of their masters…the mobile device. “I’m not the texting type, so there’s no way I’m going to purposefully sign up on yet another social site where all you do is text all day. And you’re forced to do so in 140 characters or less? I’m sorry, have a life.”

Slowly but surely, Twitter stalked me from the shadows. First it claimed a friend of a friend, then it got an acquaintance. I had been involved in Internet marketing on and off since 2000, so at this point it seemed like everywhere I turned people were talking about Twitter. Its tentacles started to take hold. “Maybe I should investigate.” Once that thought entered my mind I was done for. A close friend, whose site I was hosting, asked me to add a Twitter plugin for him. “No, not you too!?!”, I begged. He told me a mutual friend of ours was on Twitter and that it was getting him most of his traffic. Before I knew it, my account was active and I was loading my picture to my profile. The rest, as they say, is history.

These days I’ve got a pretty good handle on things. I have yet to break 100 followers so I’m no expert by any means, but I’m on my way. Some key points I live by when Tweeting are; I only follow those who are in some way associated to my main interests, art, marketing, and Internet technology. In most cases I follow those who have a big following. I make sure my bio clearly states who I am and what I’m about. And I update my picture and profile art often to keep things fresh and fun.

Yes my friend, the Twitter bug has bit me. I’m still not the texting type and you won’t find me posting random statements just to say I tweet, but I will admit Twitter is potentially as powerful for marketing and promotions as it is fun for staying in the know.

J. Yahshar, Designer and Business Owner
Show & Tell Promotions, Inc.

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