As a nation, we are fascinated with evidence. We love shows like Bones, CSI, Numbers, and Law and Order to name a few. We love all the little clues and how they fit together to reveal something startling.

We love movies like The Davinci Code because of the incredible evidence (though fake) it was purported to reveal. I would even go so far as to say we love gossip shows and magazine like People and Entertainment Tonight, because of all the nuggets of evidence they appear to reveal about our favorite famous people.

Perhaps this obsession with evidence has stemmed from the nature of our government. In a court of law, you are innocent until proven guilty. If you are ever convicted of a crime, the prosecutor must come up with enough evidence to prove you are guilty. Most of us who have come up through grade school have been taught this repeatedly until we understand it as well as we understand how to order at McDonald’s.

I think it also stemmed from the Age of Reason, where learned men created philosophies based on what they could understand or reason out. They wanted all of their beliefs in life to stem from facts and logic. Darwin wanted to prove that in nature, the strong survive and the weak die out. A moth with camouflage would survive longer than a moth that was brilliantly colored and was easily seen by prey. The evidence agreed with him. We are products of the Age of Reason as well, because we love the idea that man can figure out this life himself.

The interesting thing about evidence is that its main point is to reveal a hidden truth. For example, in a trial about a murder, a lawyer will try to build a case based on lots of little bits of evidence. The lawyer will present ten or so undeniable facts that try to prove his theory: that the defendant killed his wife in cold blood. It is all about trying to build a case that is so full of evidence, that the truth is undeniable.

And this is what gets me. If we love evidence so much, why do we seem to ignore it every day? Tell you what, I am going to present some evidence, and I want you to come to your own verdict.

Humans need three things to survive. 1) We need to eat. Food sustains our bodies. 2) We need to sleep. Sleep allows our bodies to rest and heal and allows our minds to reset. 3) We need sex. Without mating, the human race would be unable to reproduce and prolong its existence.

Have you ever noticed how all three of these things are pleasurable?

We have taken eating to an amazing level. Hey, the deer are satisfied with a bit of grass and leaves their entire lives. We however, have developed a hundred different kinds of food (Asian to Mexican to Indian) to a thousand different ways to prepare that food. And all of this to enjoy it more. Honestly, who doesn’t like a bit of cold ice cream or a nice candy bar or a juicy steak perfectly seasoned? Food tastes good in our mouth and pleasantly satisfies us.

Sleep is one of our favorite pastimes. We get irritable and unpleasant when we don’t sleep for a length of time. Most of us have felt like this and all we wanted to do was lay our heads down and close our eyes. Crawling into bed when we are tired is one of the most beautiful sensations. We let out sighs of pleasure and let our heads sink into our pillows. When the alarm goes off, we quickly turn it off and then think to ourselves, “Oh, just a few more minutes of this blissful sleep.”

It goes without saying that we enjoy sex.

Three things necessary for humans to survive. All of them pleasurable. Since they are pleasurable, there is a good chance we will continue to do them, and therefore continue to survive as a species. Remember, it is the Age of Reason.

So what does this say? This is not a random coincidence. Couldn’t be. Not if you really think about it. If it is not coincidence, what is it?

© Seth Crossman