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School is Out! How to Keep the Children Busy, Stay Sane and Save Money

By Victoria Cathey School is out and children across the world are driving their parents crazy already because they are ‘bored’. Parents have either run out of ideas or run out of money and have resorted to letting their children watch TV or play video games most of the day. If that is the case, [...]

All in a Day’s Sandwich

Imagine this. We are standing in the kitchen and we are really hungry. We could pull out a loaf of bread and some sliced ham and cheese. It would make for a quick, filling meal. It is not terribly healthy, but it is not unhealthy either. It would get the job done. Now, if we [...]

OG’s Speculative Fiction, Issue 19

Great news! OG’s Speculative Fiction, Issue 19 has been released! In Brian Trent’s “The Theseus Woman” technology allows a man to reconstruct his lost wife. Walter Giersbach’s “Who Dares Call It Murder?” is a murder mystery with several twists. William Todd Rose’s “Day of The Sentient” reveals a robot in lament over its sad state [...]

The Best Foot and Sensibility

I’ve made lots of mistakes when it comes to romance. Romance is, after all, based on feelings and feelings are nefarious things; they come and go at whim it seems (often with just a night’s sleep). I have too often focused on the feelings, rather than on what the sensible side of me was telling [...]

Pondering How Much My Novel Is Worth

By Kelly Huddleston Yesterday I had an interesting discussion with a few members on the Amazon Kindle Forum regarding the list price of my book. It started when I wrote a post inviting Amazon Kindle readers to check out my book. I included the synopsis, the list price, and a link to my book’s page. [...]