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Chocolate – The Secret Health Food

by Barbara Dearing Have you heard? Chocolate isn’t the bad guy anymore! Sure, too much of even a good thing can become a bad thing, but when eaten in moderation, chocolate actually has a number of healthy benefits. Made from the cacao bean, chocolate has vegetable origins– which means it contains some of the same [...]

Bruce Golden

When I first started editing the Opinion Guy, I came across the writing of Bruce Golden. His short stories always fascinated me with their strange and intuitive perspectives. His ideas were good and he was creative in the way he got them onto paper. His books are just as good. I consider him a thinking [...]

Submission Tips From an Editor

Of all the articles I have written for writers, this one is probably the one I wish they would take to heart the most. What follows are simple, seemingly common sense words of advice coming from an editor who has read thousands of submissions. However, everyday it seems I get stories or submissions that would benefit from this advice.

Editors are mostly hardworking folks who spend much of their time pouring over the written word of fledgling writers. It is not a glorious job; the writers get all the credit, the fame, and the wealth when things go well. And when things don’t, well editors get all the blame and bad eyesight.

OG’s Speculative Fiction, Issue 20

Great news! OG’s Speculative Fiction, Issue 20 has been released! In J.F. Peterson’s “Salt Ice” a good or bad choice is as thin and breakable as salt ice. Edward W. Robertson’s “Every Song is a Love Song” tells the story of man finding home on a faraway planet. Also included is poetry by Bruce Boston. Let us know what you think of the issue! Don’t miss our other issues of OG’s Speculative Fiction if you haven’t read them.

A Writer’s Gameplan: Dialogue With a Purpose

Charlie Chaplin was a movie star who never talked. People loved those movies. I love them. But there is a reason that no production company makes silent movies anymore. People love to talk. And people love to hear what others are talking about. Let’s look at this example. “Paul and Mary sat together on the [...]