I look around my computer, my desk, around my house, around my life and see signs of disorder and it bothers me. Not only is it hard to find things, but I have piles of things that need to be attended to and stacks of stuff to sort and perhaps throw away and loads of files and programs I just haven’t gotten around to deleting yet. It always leaves me feeling like I am scrambling. I can never find stamps to mail out my letters and bills. My favorite running shirt is somewhere. I often forget the many correspondences or little tasks I meant to do because I don’t have them written down and if I do, that slip of paper has gone missing. All of this robs me of my peace.

As a result I have really begun to study the principle of order and as I do, I realize that God was and is very orderly. In the beginning, He structured the void, separating light and darkness to create days, the flow of time. He separated the water from the land, giving form to the earth. He created man and immediately gave him responsibilities and rules to thrive from.

Later He gave Moses tablets with rules for the people to follow. He taught His people how to approach Him and how to live their life. If you study the first five books of the Bible you see how exact everything was for Israel. He told Noah to build the ark with exact dimensions. He had Moses build the temple with exact dimensions, and later Solomon was to build it with precise dimensions and precise weights of gold and silver.

Even the natural phenomena He created had structure. Look at the seasons. Winter is there for the ground and trees to rest. When spring comes plants and animals have offspring or begin to grow and flourish. Without structure and order, a plant’s stem would have no stability and that plant would tip to the ground. Without the structure of bones in our body, our vital organs would get crushed by the weight of our body. The earth revolves around the sun with measured regularity and even the distance of the moon from the earth is perfect so that the tides and rhythms of the earth keep us alive. The atmosphere has just the right percentage of gases to protect us from the sun and allow us to breathe and this balance is kept through the creatures He created to inhabit the earth.

This list could go on, but you get the point. As I take all of this in it is easy to see that order allows life to thrive. I could learn something from that. I get by in my life. But I could thrive if I were a little more organized.

I wouldn’t spend twenty minutes looking for my stamps only to give up frustrated and go to the post office to buy more. I wouldn’t then be late on my way to the bank and speed past the cop who sensed my frustration and mistook it as arrogance and gave me a ticket, which in turn would not make me angry by the time I got home and so I wouldn’t argue with my wife and push her further from me.

Order isn’t the answer for everything, but I am sure that a little more would be good for me. It just happens to be one of the most difficult things for me to truly grasp and implement though. That’s why I wish ordering my life were as simple as ordering a pizza.

© Seth Crossman