by Ryan J. Johnson

Here are ten reasons you should laugh, every single day. I love making people laugh and sharing laughs with others, so hopefully this article inspires you to do the same. With that said, I'll start with the obvious ones and work my way down the list. Read below:

1) Have fun!: Whenever we think of laughter, good times, good memories, and good feelings come right to mind. Everyone could always use some more fun in their lives. I personally think you cannot laugh too much, so look for things to laugh at every day and your day will be enjoyable in that moment.

2) Be healthy: It seems the old adage is true: laughter really is the best medicine. Research shows that laughter increases your immune system, burns calories, and gets your heart pumping which in turn gets more oxygen flowing, among many other benefits.

3) Attract Mates: Many people choose friends who have a sense of humor. In fact, most women list a sense of humor as one of the most attractive features of a potential mate.

4) Boost Productivity: Laughter makes you more productive because it gets oxygen rich blood flowing throughout your body and it puts you in a better mindset to tackle challenges throughout the day!

5) Bust Stress: Laughter is proven to reduce levels of the stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine in the body. So if you're stressed, laugh it off!

6) Look, Stay, and Feel Young: When you laugh, you tone the muscles in your face. The bloodflow also keeps your skin healthy, and you just look more fun and young when you let go and laugh!

7) Fight Depression: This one may seem pretty redundant, but laughter just makes your whole day better. It puts you in a better mood. It makes you sleep better, and people who laugh a lot do not need to rely on anti-depressants.

8) Control Your Blood Pressure: Again, reducing stress hormones reduces blood pressure which keeps you strong and healthy!

9) Feel Amazing: All of the benefits of laughter seem to overlap. Laughter increases "feel-good molecules" called endorphins which give you a sense of euphoria and can alleviate pain in the body.

10) Share: When you share a laugh with someone, there's no other beautiful feeling like it.

I hope you enjoyed my article on the beauty of laughter. Try to laugh more and your life will improve and be more enjoyable. It has to! Watch some more comedies, watch silly video clips on YouTube, hang out with funny people, and just look to laugh. I hope you found this article helpful.

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