Golden Acorn Press is proud to present Interference, its latest novel. Written by Jim Blackstone this futuristic thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page!

President Henry Sanchez is about to make history in the newly terraformed north until he is brutally assassinated. The police have only once suspect, one that matches Damian Reyes description exactly.

Damian Reyes wakes up from a bad dream to the gentle pulsing of his phone. Someone on the other end tells him his girlfriend, Caleigha Obregon, has been kidnapped and he must do what they say, immediately. He has only seconds before the police arrive and he never sees his girlfriend again.

Detective Harvey Corvasce witnesses the president’s assassination and then finds out the entire city and all evidence of the crime is about to be obliterated by a sonic pulse from space. How is he going to survive, let alone find the president’s killer?

Thus begins the thrill ride chase across the frozen north, the moon’s Dandelion Crater and the XE-7 orbiting space station to find the one piece of the puzzle that will make all others fit. The code.