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Ordering Life Isn’t Like Ordering Pizza

I look around my computer, my desk, around my house, around my life and see signs of disorder and it bothers me. Not only is it hard to find things, but I have piles of things that need to be attended to and stacks of stuff to sort and perhaps throw away and loads of files and programs I just haven’t gotten around to deleting yet. It always leaves me feeling like I am scrambling. I can never find stamps to mail out my letters and bills. My favorite running shirt is somewhere. I often forget the many correspondences or little tasks I meant to do because I don’t have them written down and if I do, that slip of paper has gone missing. All of this robs me of my peace.

Divine Protection, Part 2

I have made no secret of my fear of flying. I don’t hate airplanes or traveling. At all. I do hate getting into a cylinder made of welded together pieces of metal and glass and then going up 33,000 miles in the air while traveling at 535 mph with half the cylinder full of incredibly flammable material. This scenario bothers me because I have absolutely no control of the situation, and it seems quite dangerous. Maybe it wouldn’t bother me if this cylinder didn’t jump and jolt in the air and seem like at any moment it would tear apart at a several welded seams. Now you can see why it is not hard for me to feel like death is one stray bird or one big bump away.

More Than Conquerors, Part 1

I was four when I realized I wanted to be a conqueror. I had a whole tin of green army soldiers and the whole kitchen was in my sights. The chair arms became mountains, the crevices under the cabinets became caves, and the hardwood floors became fields and plains ripe for plucking. I wanted to conqueror it all. To rule it all.

I grew older loving stories of all the great conquerors. I liked hearing of Charlemaine and King Richard the Lion Hearted. I loved reading about the battles of Napoleon Bonaparte and Alexander the Great.

Undeniable Evidence

As a nation, we are fascinated with evidence. We love shows like Bones, CSI, Numbers, and Law and Order to name a few. We love all the little clues and how they fit together to reveal something startling. We love movies like The Davinci Code because of the incredible evidence (though fake) it was purported [...]

Honduran Chronicles 3: No Difference in the Heart

People experience life completely different around the globe. Here in the states, our quality of life is defined by the technology we enjoy. I can wake up to my alarm clock and stumble into the shower. I can hop in my truck and drive down well paved roads and stop at Dunkin Donuts for a [...]

Anne Lamott

Bird by Bird. This is a book for writers, but it also a book for those lovers of life. I was lost in it, loving her humorous and honest way of revealing what she has learned in her life and about writing. No writer should miss it. SC From Publishers Weekly Lamott’s ( Operating Instructions [...]

Earlier Than Usual

At five in the morning, it seems like no one is alive. The roads are cool and misty and lonely. The houses that line the fields or sit beneath a scattering of trees seem frozen in time, an in between time where the birds chirp and squirrels chitter and the sun hovers on the eastern [...]

The Long Road Home, Part III

Much of my life has been spent trying to talk to God. As a boy I used to sit on my bed and pray with my father. We said the Lord’s prayer from Mathew every night, side by side on my bed. And after that, my father tucked me in and turned off the light [...]


I have opinions on everything. Except politics. Now that is not really true, I have opinions on politics, but I seldom voice them. I don’t like politics. I don’t think they are worth arguing about most of the time. I believe there is a right way and a wrong way, no real gray areas, to [...]


My sister, only two years older than me, is expecting her first child in two months. It is kind of a big thing in our family, the first of my parents’ children to be having children. Some of our cousins have jumped off that ledge already and any time the family gathers together, their children [...]