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If You Are a Foodie, You’ll Love This History of Ginger – Just Don’t Ask Where it Came From

by AW Thomas Jr.

Next to the King of Spices, Black Pepper, Ginger is perhaps the most frequently used, widest spread and overall most successful of all the spices.

Interestingly, for such a common food, we have no idea where it actually originated.

Black pepper was first discovered, and is still grown, in the mountains of Southern India. Cloves are claimed by the Spice Islands and Zanzibar. But no one know where exactly ginger first appeared.

Gyoza Party Forever

by Sasa Sunakku

If ever I asked “Where shall we go for dinner?” when we lived in Tokyo, F was sure to answer “Gyoza Party.” Actually, he often suggested it even when I hadn’t asked. Like, daily. In fact though, Gyoza Party (yes, I did intend for that to be capitalised) is less a place, than a state of mind. Gyoza Party is a happy place, a place where an endless parade of gyoza magically appear within chopstick range, dip themselves delicately in the shouyu, vinegar and chilli oil and insinuate themselves gently between your lips, only to explode in an orgy of garlicky porkiness.

Four of the Best Superfoods

You may have heard the term ‘superfood’ being thrown around a lot in recent years, used to describe foods which are particularly high in phytonutrient content, and thought to have certain health benefits. Whether or not you believe the hype, there’s no doubt that many of those foods which have been deemed to be ‘super’ are, indeed, high in nutritional value. Here’s just a few of them…

PBJ and Toes

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us and I am excited. I love any holiday dedicated to eating. But I also love the idea of being thankful. I have always worked in people oriented businesses and have seen first hand how a thankful attitude can affect others. It is more fun to work with someone who appreciates the things and circumstances around them. I also find that I am happier the more I realize how many things I have to be thankful for.

With this in mind here are some of the things I am thankful for: tea, baseball, hunting, New York, being born in America, being born male, computers, the internet, HDTV, hotdogs, lobster, butte

Chocolate – The Secret Health Food

by Barbara Dearing Have you heard? Chocolate isn’t the bad guy anymore! Sure, too much of even a good thing can become a bad thing, but when eaten in moderation, chocolate actually has a number of healthy benefits. Made from the cacao bean, chocolate has vegetable origins– which means it contains some of the same [...]

All in a Day’s Sandwich

Imagine this. We are standing in the kitchen and we are really hungry. We could pull out a loaf of bread and some sliced ham and cheese. It would make for a quick, filling meal. It is not terribly healthy, but it is not unhealthy either. It would get the job done. Now, if we [...]

Sweet and Sexy – Top 10 Foods to Attract a Healthy Body

By John R. Chapman Of all the things you would consider sexy, food should be on your short list. Good food, that’s good for you, is just plain sexy. After all, some of the best foods are naked; they are free of being over-processed and over-packaged. They are simple, nutritious, and versatile. Even with the [...]

I’m Not Good At Waiting

Waiting. Just the mention of the word conjures up feelings of frustration. Picture this: It’s Saturday and the kids have tired you out with a soccer game in the morning and in the afternoon shopping for supplies for a school project. But it’s evening now and they are off at a friend’s for the night [...]

Cheap Feasts That Taste Good

It is easy to cut back on some expenses. We can cut back on how much alcohol we buy, or the clothes we buy, or our movie club memberships, but it is hard to cut back spending on food. We need food to survive and we like it. At least I do. Hey, we eat [...]

Fun Dinner Party Ideas

By Joseph Devine Few things are more enjoyable than sharing a delicious meal with friends. Why not add to the fun with eye-catching decorations, cleverly themed meals and even costumes? Throwing a dinner party is a great way to show off your creative abilities and your culinary skills all at the same time. Just think [...]