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The Top Ten Purposes of Laughter

by Ryan J. Johnson

Here are ten reasons you should laugh, every single day. I love making people laugh and sharing laughs with others, so hopefully this article inspires you to do the same. With that said, I’ll start with the obvious ones and work my way down the list. Read below:

1) Have fun!: Whenever we think of laughter, good times, good memories, and good feelings come right to mind. Everyone could always use some more fun in their lives. I personally think you cannot laugh too much, so look for things to laugh at every day and your day will be enjoyable in that moment.

2012 – End of the World

By Andria Thompson

In 2012 the end of the world is nigh. Just before Christmas 2012, apparently. It’s that time of the decade once again, we’re overdue a fresh round of global wipeout. And who says so? The Mayans, by all accounts. An ancient civilization that occupied large tracts of Central America, from around 1800BC until environmental change, over population and the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadores some 2000 thousand years later caused their societal collapse.

The Mayan were a culturally rich people, gifted with architecture, mathematics and astrological understanding.

Killing Time

by Sharon M. White Ever wonder what defining event twists a person just enough to make them want to be a horror writer? News flash: There is no one single defining event. Usually, there is no cluster of defining events, either. There are just those of us who like scaring the hell out of people [...]

Scary Toilet Myths Exposed

by Liz Andrews Depending on your location, a trip to the bathroom can be somewhat scary. A few restroom toilets that personally frighten me are rest stop toilets, sporting event toilets and the one and only outdoor port a potty. The germs, the smells, and the stories that surround the throne has me contemplating whether [...]

The Pros and Cons of Children

Four years ago, I couldn’t wait to have a child of my own. The desire started the first few days I lived in Japan. I have always thought that Japanese women were beautiful. Some would say that is typical American. I disagree. That is an easy answer with very little reasoning built into it. The [...]

Popping Our Boss’ or Spouse’s Anger Bubble

What is it inside of us that always wants to be right? What is it inside of us that can’t admit we made a mistake? At some point most of us in our lives have had the experience of looking across the office and seeing our boss coming right toward us, an angry frown on [...]

Imagine Your Wife Saying “Octuplets!”

I can just imagine sitting down with my wife at the dinner table. We have been married for five blissful years. We have finally made the house feel like home. We have gotten into a good rhythm with work, our social life, and church. We have put away a bit of money and still have [...]

Smaller Beer

by Kolby Granville The Director of the Secondary School down the road is standing in my doorway. He is drunk and leans in too close when he speaks. “Kolby come outside, it is an emergency, you must come right now!” I rush into my room to put on long pants. What could possibly be the [...]

Are You Running On Automatic?

By Knight Pierce Hirst What a difference a day makes – unless you’re going through life on automatic. Scientists are no help. They say we shouldn’t sleep late even if we have the chance. Supposedly not getting up at the same time every day has a negative effect on our biorhythms. Obviously, those scientists don’t [...]

A Bag of Noodles

It has been some time since I have traveled abroad. But I haven’t lost the hunger or the desire to continue meeting people that are nothing like me. That’s how I found myself accepting a package of instant noodles in front of forty-five applauding Koreans for showing up to their golf tournament. I pulled up [...]