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PBJ and Toes

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us and I am excited. I love any holiday dedicated to eating. But I also love the idea of being thankful. I have always worked in people oriented businesses and have seen first hand how a thankful attitude can affect others. It is more fun to work with someone who appreciates the things and circumstances around them. I also find that I am happier the more I realize how many things I have to be thankful for.

With this in mind here are some of the things I am thankful for: tea, baseball, hunting, New York, being born in America, being born male, computers, the internet, HDTV, hotdogs, lobster, butte

Learning How to be Expectant, Part 1

I have never been too keen about going out to a movie with a friend and having to pay twice to see it. Think about it. I can rent a movie for about four dollars—one payment—and an innumerable amount of people can watch it with me, all for that price. But when I go out to the movies, it costs my ticket price and their ticket price. With today’s prices, if four of us go, it is forty dollars to see one movie. Maybe that doesn’t bother you, but it does bother me.

What makes this unbearable is when you go to a movie you think is going to be good, and it is awful, as was the case with The Box.

Name Associations, Email Presents, and the Smells, Part II

Checking my personal email has become a daily ritual for me, just like brushing my teeth. First thing in the morning, last thing at night. But it is a lot more fun. Email messages are like electronic presents.

As a boy, I loved going down to the mailbox to pick up the mail. I went with a certain amount of anticipation, hoping that that great big black box held something for me. On rare occasions it did; the latest issue of Nintendo Power or an action figure that I had saved up enough Kool-Aid points to buy. Over the years, I have developed the same kind of excitement for opening my inbox.

The Things We Lose, Part 1

In 1983 one of my favorite toys was a Return of the Jedi sand skiff. It was light gray with a retractable plank (for making my action figures jump to their terrible deaths in the sand pit) and a huge, black laser canon. When it was playtime, I might play with Legos one day and knights another day, but I played everyday with that sand skiff. When I became a huge collector of Star Wars figures in my teens, I dug up my old collection. Only I could never find that sand skiff despite the many hours rooting through the closets, the basement and the attic.

We all lose things in our lives.

A Woman’s Vital Role

As I grow older I find myself becoming something of a people watcher. At first it was just a general interest because people can be really funny. Now I watch because people are amazing. I learn so many things just by watching how people react and respond to each other, how they handle tough life changing situations, how they handle children and what comes out when they reach their tipping point.

As I continue work on my book, Addicted to Love, I find myself watching couples quite a bit. I digest their conversations, the way they physically respond to each other, the way they approach each other.

Cheerleading is Love Magic

If I say the word cheerleader, you probably have an instant reaction. Maybe it is good, maybe it is bad. But that word, cheerleader, seems to bring forth a response in everyone. For me, it has always had a negative connotation. In part, it was because I never really considered cheerleading a sport. As a [...]

School is Out! How to Keep the Children Busy, Stay Sane and Save Money

By Victoria Cathey School is out and children across the world are driving their parents crazy already because they are ‘bored’. Parents have either run out of ideas or run out of money and have resorted to letting their children watch TV or play video games most of the day. If that is the case, [...]

All in a Day’s Sandwich

Imagine this. We are standing in the kitchen and we are really hungry. We could pull out a loaf of bread and some sliced ham and cheese. It would make for a quick, filling meal. It is not terribly healthy, but it is not unhealthy either. It would get the job done. Now, if we [...]

The Pros and Cons of Children

Four years ago, I couldn’t wait to have a child of my own. The desire started the first few days I lived in Japan. I have always thought that Japanese women were beautiful. Some would say that is typical American. I disagree. That is an easy answer with very little reasoning built into it. The [...]

Sweet and Sexy – Top 10 Foods to Attract a Healthy Body

By John R. Chapman Of all the things you would consider sexy, food should be on your short list. Good food, that’s good for you, is just plain sexy. After all, some of the best foods are naked; they are free of being over-processed and over-packaged. They are simple, nutritious, and versatile. Even with the [...]