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Honduran Chronicles 3: No Difference in the Heart

People experience life completely different around the globe. Here in the states, our quality of life is defined by the technology we enjoy. I can wake up to my alarm clock and stumble into the shower. I can hop in my truck and drive down well paved roads and stop at Dunkin Donuts for a [...]

Honduran Chronicles 2: Everyday Life and Death

I should have known from the airport landing that Honduras would be a something of a challenge. I knew nothing about the airport going in, nothing about it being one of the most dangerous airports in the world and the airport with the shortest runway. I quickly found out. I am not the best of [...]

Honduran Chronicles 1: The Perception Iceberg

Wouldn’t it be nice if God gave us a roadmap for our lives? Or even better, gave us our very own GPS machine attached to our umbilical chord at birth? We would know exactly what to do at exactly the right time. Turn here now! Date this boy! Move to Chicago in three seconds! The [...]

Can A Stadium Buy Happiness?

I am breathing a sigh of delight every time I think about it. Baseball season has started. I have been a baseball fan since the first time I dug my sneakers into the dirt around first base so many years ago. I remember the thrill of standing out there, smacking my glove and waiting for [...]

Popping Our Boss’ or Spouse’s Anger Bubble

What is it inside of us that always wants to be right? What is it inside of us that can’t admit we made a mistake? At some point most of us in our lives have had the experience of looking across the office and seeing our boss coming right toward us, an angry frown on [...]

Lessons Learned 4

I liken this series of articles to the school year and how at the end of the year it is nice to have a great big concert to show off the progress that has been made. With no further ado. You can be bald and the tub drain will still plug up with hair. I [...]

The Madness Begins

I remember being eight years old and loving basketball. I loved it not because I particularly enjoyed the game, but because at eight I couldn’t sit still for any length of time. I lived in snow country, where the snow piles up to the windows and higher during winter. I had to do something with [...]

I’m Not Good At Waiting

Waiting. Just the mention of the word conjures up feelings of frustration. Picture this: It’s Saturday and the kids have tired you out with a soccer game in the morning and in the afternoon shopping for supplies for a school project. But it’s evening now and they are off at a friend’s for the night [...]

Imagine Your Wife Saying “Octuplets!”

I can just imagine sitting down with my wife at the dinner table. We have been married for five blissful years. We have finally made the house feel like home. We have gotten into a good rhythm with work, our social life, and church. We have put away a bit of money and still have [...]

Five Valentine’s Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a heavily marketed holiday, but I’m still all for a holiday that gives me an excuse to go overboard on the one I love. But I do understand how after years and years, Valentine’s can become stale. “We went to the movies last year and saw that romantic movie she wanted to [...]