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Love is Part of the Plan, Part IV

Here is the truth. There is no concrete way to prove that there is only one person out there for you. Ask a million people and get a million different answers. But they are all just opinions. It is like believing in God. You make a choice to believe despite the lack of definitive evidence [...]

The One and Only – A Fairy Tale, Part III

Most of us were raised on fairy tales of some sort. They were what our mothers read to us before bed, and the first books we learned to read. They were stories told to give us hope or to scare us into good behavior. We believed them, until accumulated experience made us feel foolish for [...]

Sex As It Was Meant to Be, Part II

How is that we can have a prestigious job with great pay that supports our family and even allows the luxuries, but still be bored? How is it that we can sit in a room surrounded by laughter and charming people and still feel uncomfortable? How is it that we can slide into bed with [...]

The Elevator Man and the Forgotten Spirit, Part I

Mike, the elevator man, and I love to talk about hunting. We are both avid hunters and every time he stops into the office to check the elevator systems, we get to talking about the first bow hunt, or the noise this eight point deer made as it rubbed its horns against the tree, or [...]

Shaking the Piggy Bank

In the past nine months, finances have come to dominate my thinking. I have always been leery of thinking too much about money. Money is seductive for me. The more I get, the more I seem to want. I start thinking of ways to make it or acquire it. I wonder what I can sell, [...]

How NOT to Be Happy – 12 Essential Tips to Ensure Misery

By Lisa M. Smith Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Here’s a clue: An optimist finds an opportunity in every problem; a pessimist finds a problem in every opportunity. If you hate “polyanna’s” and are content to stay in a world filled with black clouds, these tips are just for you. (If you are [...]

Lessons Learned 3

Do not keep eating things that do not sit well with you. Makes sense, but I still eat foods that tear me up in some way. No matter how good a deal you think you are getting, the car dealership always wins. Always. Sometimes I think God made sleep so I could have a lot [...]

Olympic Thoughts

I imagine the Olympics are something akin to the elementary school field days I participated in as a youngster between the ages of four and nine. The field days were the most anticipated days of elementary school. I remember the air as I walked through the halls toward the open doors that led out to [...]

Saying Goodbye

The grass was green, the infield slightly pebbly. I had been staring at that field for weeks. I had run onto to it to play first base, but I had never run around the bases. Not even to one. I was eight years old and I was still waiting for my first hit in little [...]

Fun Dinner Party Ideas

By Joseph Devine Few things are more enjoyable than sharing a delicious meal with friends. Why not add to the fun with eye-catching decorations, cleverly themed meals and even costumes? Throwing a dinner party is a great way to show off your creative abilities and your culinary skills all at the same time. Just think [...]