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The Rhema Word, Part II

The first fortune (from a fortune cookie) I ever saved was during college. It is the first one I remember, not because it was the first fortune cookie I ate, but because it was about that time that I began to doubt my future. I doubted what I was going to do with my future [...]

Does God Speak in Fortune Cookies, Part I

I work in an environment that can be stressful. The phone is always ringing. A steady stream of people stop by my desk. They all have a problem or want something. I am not complaining. I have a good job, a good situation. However, some days the constant press of people and furious activity just [...]

We All Have Bobs In Our Lives

We all have Bobs in our life. Mine is seventy-seven. He looks frail at first glance, his hair white and wispy like clouds on a blue sky day. He wears glasses and totters about like he is one misstep from needing a hip replacement, an old Irish golfing cap made of wool perched on his [...]

Living With Demons

Back in 1999, Josh Hamilton was the top pick in the baseball draft. Number one. He had all the tools to be one of the best players ever. He had speed, power, great fielding skills, and an incredible eye at the plate. He had a bright future. Then he became addicted to crack and saw [...]

Loving Country

I wasn’t always a country fan. I hated it when I was younger. I used to think that you had to live in the Midwest and own a ranch to like country music. Then I met a pretty girl that loved it. You can imagine how that went. I let her change the station in [...]

There is No Medicine for Leaky Boats

Boats aren’t built with the idea that they will leak. But if a boat springs a leak and begins to fill with water, a bilge pump will solve the problem. Using a bilge pump isn’t the ideal situation for any boat though. No, the ideal is for the boat to float and keep the water [...]

10 Things Guys Hate to Hear in Bed

By Carl Megill First, let me assure you that I’m not going to bring this list down to the lowest common denominator with a bunch of mindless, idiotic, sexual references. If you want that kind of list, perhaps you should be reading such tripe somewhere else. Anyone can write an article that exploits sex. That’s [...]

Diamond Hunting In The Wal-Mart Parking Lot

By Myla Madson I tell you, my oldest daughter is something else. Last summer she would wake up at the crack of dawn and ride her bike to the mall. It was only a short distance away and she would ride with friends so it wasn’t so much a safety concern I was having, but [...]

From Lives of Quiet Desperation, Part IV

I have always wondered about the way people spend their Friday nights. For many of us it is the end of a hard week of working, a weekend of freedom is in sight, and the desire to let loose has taken over. Some like to go really wild. Maybe that means dinner at a restaurant [...]

The Gatorade Mentality, Part III

Ok, if we have been honest, we realize that we might be driven to accumulate things, and that our closets and desks and lives seem cluttered as a result. Or maybe not. Maybe it is just me and your neighbor. So what do we do? I know that I often wish I could start over. [...]