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The Dirty Tub Syndrome, Part II

Is your desk clean? You have always tried to defend your messy desk by saying, “I know where everything is!” If that is true, then put those things in an ordered place. The only thing that is keeping you from doing that is… I am the worst. My desk is a horrible mess with stacks [...]

The Noodle Nights, Part 1

I miss my noodle nights. When I arrived in Japan, I was excited about living in the countryside. I thought it would provide me with an authentic Japanese experience. In the sixty or so years since the end of the second world war, much of Japan has modernized, and while that Japan is intriguing, I [...]

Pink Cadillacs and Horses, Part II

My little niece is almost a year old. Her eyes are like big blue marbles, and are always focused on the thing her hands are reaching for. She garbles out a few syllables, smiles as she touches the stuffed lion, the dog’s ear, the pea hidden under the cabinets, the Christmas ornaments still hanging, the [...]

Happy New Year 2008!

When the count goes to zero, when the ball falls, when all the kazoos and horns sound, when the streamers and confetti fly, when man kisses woman, when a cheer goes up, when hugs are all around, and the music starts to play another year will have passed into memory. It will be time for [...]

Health Nut

I have never been much of a health nut. Perhaps it is because I have always been pretty healthy, had a good heart, good lungs, a good diet, and a stable mind. I consider myself something of an athlete, though age has stolen much of that consideration. Still, I can get on the basketball court [...]

Shopping For Christmas

Holidays seem to pass very fast. Thanksgiving is gone. Now the shopping season is upon us. If you don’t remember that’s the holiday between Thanksgiving and Christmas that so many retail owners love. I have never really gotten much into the Black Friday buying frenzy like some people. It is a little too much pressure [...]

The One Word That Will Change Your Life Forever

By Dwayne Gilbert There is one word in the English language that will change your life forever, and after you understand it and use it, your life will never be the same. This one word will allow you to have, do, and be anything and everything your heart desires. In my years of experience listening [...]


One of my favorite places is the produce corner of my local grocery store. Somewhere between the mounds of red tomatoes, the yellow lemons, the apples in their rows, the cabbages still wet from the mist sprayers, the leathery onions and spicy garlic, I stop and stare, slowly spinning in circles. I have always liked [...]

One Wild, Heroic Dash

I have always considered myself something of a hunter. When I think of hunters, the beginning of the movie Last of the Mohicans comes to mind. Three men running headlong through the woods, their hair streaming out behind them, trusty muskets in their hands. They run and run, quick and silent as whispers. Then suddenly, [...]

Stop Whining – Age is Just a Number!

By Avish Parashar This year I turned thirty-four. By any standard, thirty-four is a rather unremarkable year. There’s no “On Your 34th Birthday” greeting card from Hallmark. My insurance rates stay depressingly the same. I can already drink, drive, and vote (not at the same time, of course!) However, in my own slightly confused mind, [...]