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Love is Part of the Plan, Part IV

Here is the truth. There is no concrete way to prove that there is only one person out there for you. Ask a million people and get a million different answers. But they are all just opinions. It is like believing in God. You make a choice to believe despite the lack of definitive evidence [...]

The One and Only – A Fairy Tale, Part III

Most of us were raised on fairy tales of some sort. They were what our mothers read to us before bed, and the first books we learned to read. They were stories told to give us hope or to scare us into good behavior. We believed them, until accumulated experience made us feel foolish for [...]

Sex As It Was Meant to Be, Part II

How is that we can have a prestigious job with great pay that supports our family and even allows the luxuries, but still be bored? How is it that we can sit in a room surrounded by laughter and charming people and still feel uncomfortable? How is it that we can slide into bed with [...]

Loving Country

I wasn’t always a country fan. I hated it when I was younger. I used to think that you had to live in the Midwest and own a ranch to like country music. Then I met a pretty girl that loved it. You can imagine how that went. I let her change the station in [...]

Romance and Relationships – 5 Romantic Valentine Date Ideas That You Can Do at Home

By Laurel Barnet Do you know how hard it is to come up with creative ideas for a Valentine date? Are you tired of doing the same thing over and over? A Valentine’s date does not have to be expensive to be special. It just takes a little creativity and planning to create a memorable [...]

Foods of Love for Valentine’s Day

By Lisa Bevan Thinking about changing it up and staying in for a romantic dinner this year with your sweetheart. It is a great alternative to the crowds and it is a chance to showcase your creativity. Building a great menu is as easy as one, two, three. Just use this handy guide to foods [...]

A Chance At Love

How far would you go for the chance at true love? Would you give up your job, your home, your city? Would you make a fool of yourself? And would it be worth it at the end if he didn’t love you? If he turned and walked away and chose someone else instead? Some women [...]

The Secrets To Great Dates

By Bernadette Sukley Valentine’s Day: Tell him/her where you are going ahead of time and make sure you are dressed appropriately. So he’s not wearing jeans to Chez Yvonne or she’s not in black satin for the Wings & Things’ Light Beer Night. Choose a place that’s meaningful for both of you. The classics (wine, [...]

The Quest for a Wife, Part I

Japan is a story that almost never happened for me. My senior year of college was going by quickly. I had the credits I needed to graduate, and my attention was more focused on acquiring the one thing many young people go to Christian colleges to find: the perfect someone that one later says they [...]

Something Sexy, Something Beautiful

I envy Kurt. He’s got something few men have. He’s got this eye for beauty. And then he’s got the ability to draw or paint what he sees, exactly what he sees. I went for coffee with Kurt at a Starbucks. He brought his pencil and some paper. I brought a keyboard and my pda. [...]